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Posted for Location India / Hyderabad
Posted By: SQL DBA Training
Location: Hyderabad, India
Posted On 29-Sep-2017
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SequelGate is one of the best training institutes for PL-SQL Training, oracle DBA Training, and Oracle Apps DBA Training . We have been providing Online and Classroom Trainings and Corporate training’s.


All our training sessions are COMPLETELY PRACTICAL.




Introduction to DBMS

Introduction to RDBMS

Sub Language Commands

Introduction to SQL

Built-in Functions

Grouping the result of a query

Working with Integrity Constraints

Querying Multiple Tables (Joins)

Working with Sub Queries

Working with DCL, TCL Commands

Maintaining Database Objects

Pseudo Columns in Oracle

Data Partitions & Parallel Process


PL/SQL (Procedure Language – SQL)

Advanced PL/SQL

Database Triggers in PL/SQL

Implementing Object Technology

Using Collections

Advanced Features

Oracle Built-in Packages

Introduction to Oracle Database

Oracle Utilities


Duration: 3 weeks, every day for 1.3 hours and all sessions are completely practical. One Real-time Project included in the course.


All Sessions are Completely Practical and Realtime.


Contact us today for practical PL-SQL Online training.

SequelGate Training Institute
Office: (+91) 040 65358866
Mobile: (+91) 0 9030040801 
Sai Anu Avenue, Street Number 3, Patrika Nagar, HITEC City, Hyderabad - 81 (India).

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