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Posted for Location India / Agra
Posted By: VinexShop Bhalla
Location: Meerut, United States
Posted On 24-Jan-2017
# Of Times Viewed 56
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Contact Name Shekhar Bhalla
Contact Phone No. +91-121-2441111
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Bhalla International Vinex is recognized as one of the most leading Manufacturer and Supplier of best quality Sporting Goods and Fitness Accessories. The company promotes and sells its products under the brand name VINEX. Its equipment has been used in various International and National Championships and become as one of the reputed sports brand around the globe. The company manufactures more than 2500+ Sports and Fitness Equipment Products. For more detail about  please visit us at VINEX.COM or call at +91-121-2441111
Bhalla International Vinex

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