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Surface Preparation Pads (SPP)    Listing #39514   Save to My Account   Flag as Spam   Safety Tips - Please Read
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Posted for Location India / Delhi
Posted By: Rakesh Lal
Location: Delhi, India
Posted On 05-Sep-2017
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Safety Tips - Please Read    

3M introduces the next generation chemicals free floor maintenance system from, which eliminates the use of striping chemicals & supports our valued customers for “green” initiatives.

Conventionally; floor preparation done with striping chemicals, followed by deep scrubbing with plastic bristles, and final coating of new polish. Disadvantage of conventionally floor preparation method are as so many such as use of hazardous striping chemicals, EHS issue (bad smells and can be aggressive for skin), time consuming, labor intensive, poor finish (gloss) due to inadequate smooth surface after deep scrubbing with plastic bristles.

3M next generation floor preparation system consists of surface preparation pad. It can be used without stripping chemical, just water is sufficient. Typically, it can remove one layer of protection with every 1 or 2 passes. It will leave a homogenous surface, ready for coating or for final polishing. 

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