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Posted By: Rakesh Lal
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Posted On 13-Sep-2017
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Safety Tips - Please Read    

Laundry is essential feature of housekeeping and housekeeping is an essential feature of hospitality. Spic and span linen can contribute greatly towards the success of a hospitality property. This is especially true in this age when competition is married to guest satisfaction in a much more inextricable way than before. However ensuring impeccable cleaning is laundry operations requires meticulous organization, great dedication, together with professional expertise from

However, laundry is a scientific process which requires utmost care before its application on the material to be washed. There are various steps towards achieving perfect washing. First of all, scientific laundry operations entail sorting the clothes by colour, wash temperature and fabric type. It is always prudent to take account of the fabric label, which may have specific washing instructions. Read the label on each garment carefully and follow the recommended drying procedures.

Set the load size, wash and rinse temperature dials on the washer. Allow the washer to fill with water before adding detergent and any laundry additives. Finally add the clothes. However, ensure that you are not overloading the washing machine. There should be enough room for clothes and detergent to move freely in the machine which would ensure the removal of stains and soil from the garments. For optimum results, remove clothes from the garments as soon as the wash cycle is completed.

In huge laundry operations, such as found in the hospitality industry, it is always desirable to first sort the laundry by colour. Segregate all the white articles in one pile, the light colors and pastels in another pile, and the bright and dark colours into a third.

Now demarcate the dark pile into two piles – one should be for colorfast items and the other for non-colorfast items. You have four piles in all. Now divide each of these four piles into three smaller piles each; depending upon their extent of dirt. On one pile there should be lightly soiled clothes, the other pile would have moderately soiled clothes, and the third pile would have highly soiled clothes. Eventually, you may end up with 12 piles of laundry.

For example, the fiberglass fabrics, which are wrinkle and soil-resistant, but are vulnerable to abrasion, should be hand washed with an all-purpose detergent. Which washing fiberglass fabrics, rubber gloves should be worn to protect hands from fibers. Also one should drip-dry fiberglass articles; and not iron them.

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