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Posted for Location India / Agra
Posted By: Rakesh Lal
Location: Delhi, India
Posted On 25-Sep-2017
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Safety Tips - Please Read    

The objective of cleaning a room can vary from one industry to the other but the types of contamination that should be one, two or all of the following types, which include microscopic particles, and fibers, chemicals, bacteria and electrostatic charges.

In the electronics and optical industries, very small particles can cause malfunction of the product and in the industries pertaining to pharmaceutical and medical devices, it is considered imprudent and unethical to introduce potentially harmful particles into the patient through neglect.

The pharmaceutical and medical devices industries are extremely concerned with possible bacterial influence because of their potential danger to patients  health but the microelectronics industry is also concerned with bacteria because of the high ion content of the industry concerned. The microelectronics industry also emphasizes on eliminating static electricity because the discharge of very small voltages can decimate silicon chips.

All these cleaning aspects can be catered to by the clean rooms.  Keeping the operational rooms spic and span is desirable for the hospitality and many other industries, but all so called rooms with healthy cleanliness cannot be technically termed as clean rooms  in real sense. Clean room is a scientific term entailing scientific definitions.

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