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BBC News - Health |

 •  UK's first heart pump targets 2018 clinical trial
Clinical trials are due to begin in late 2018 with the aim of a full rollout two years later.
 •  'Asthma is a killer - it took away my miracle daughter'
The mother of a 10-year-old asthma victim calls for the condition to be taken more seriously.
 •  Danger map reveals health threat zone
South America could be home to the next major threat to the world's health, researchers say.
 •  Ebola virus burial teams may have 'saved thousands of lives'
A key part of reducing the number of Ebola deaths was ensuring safe burials, research says.
 •  'Remarkable' drop in new HIV cases among men
Among gay and bisexual men, new diagnoses have fallen for the first time in England.
 •  Ninth avoidable baby death at NHS trust
Maddison Jackson died in 2013 at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital after delays.
 •  Social media pressure is linked to cosmetic procedure boom
More must be done to protect young people from cosmetic procedure industry, a report says.
 •  First NHS proton beam machine arrives at Christie hospital
The arrival of the machine means patients will no longer have to go abroad for proton beam therapy.
 •  Century-old Parkinson's question answered
Team find evidence the immune system is attacking the brain in Parkinson's.
 •  Queen's Speech: Ground laid for dropping 'dementia tax'
Queen's Speech promises reform of social care, but stops short of spelling out how.
 •  How to make labour wards safer
Experts identify the actions needed by reviewing all recent baby deaths and injuries on UK maternity wards.
 •  Don't be scared to let animals on wards, say nurses
Nurses are calling for more pets and therapy-animals to help patients recover on wards.
 •  Cardiologist: Breast implants skew heart attack test
Breast implants make it trickier to run tests that can help spot a possible heart attack, a cardiologist says.
 •  Older fathers have 'geekier sons'
They are more focused, intelligent and less bothered about fitting in, say scientists.
 •  Cholesterol-lowering jab to help prevent heart disease
Human trials of a cholesterol-lowering jab are under way after successful studies in mice.
 •  Charlie Gard: European Court orders life support to continue
The European Court of Human Rights says baby Charlie must be kept alive until a final ruling.
 •  Medicine information leaflets 'too scary', say experts
A more balanced view of the benefits and potential side effects is being called for in a report.
 •  Sarah Fletcher overcomes anorexia to become mother
After fighting eating disorders for 20 years, Sarah Fletcher says her baby has given her "something to live for".
 •  Warning as temperatures continue to rise across England
The hottest day is likely to be on Wednesday, forecasters have warned.
 •  Cancer fraudster ordered to pay back £1 after £15,000 deception
Kelsey Whitehead duped her employer into giving her more than £14,000 for her terminal cancer.
 •  Sleep disorder testing carried out by NHS doubles
Sleep apnoea is the most common disorder, which causes people to stop breathing during sleep.
 •  Sugary cereals named and shamed by Liverpool health bosses
Kellogg's Frosties and Coco Pops contain three and a half sugar cubes or more per 40g serving, Public Health Liverpool finds.
 •  Prisoners cover axed meals on wheels for the elderly
Home-delivered meals for the elderly are cooked by prisoners after a council scraps the service.
 •  London fire: Some victims will be kept unconscious for days
Doctors say they are treating patients with serious smoke inhalation damage rather than burns.
 •  Experts urge new breastfeeding 'conversation'
A statement calls for better support and a change in culture to break down the barriers that some women face.
 •  Coconut oil 'as unhealthy as beef fat and butter'
It is packed with saturated fat which can raise "bad" cholesterol and pose a heart risk, say US experts.
 •  Midge Ure and Tony Hadley back Kenny Thomas daughter appeal
Stars including Midge Ure, Kim Wilde and Tony Hadley supported singer Kenny Thomas' appeal.
 •  Meet the designer making clothes for diabetic women
Natalie Balmain has type 1 diabetes and says the clothes she has designed will help women manage the condition.
 •  Kid, 4, steals show during sickle cell Derbyshire chat
Gabriel, 4, gets distracted on set during a Victoria Derbyshire discussion on sickle cell disease.
 •  Pioneering proton beam therapy for 10-year-old girl
Amelia Brome from Lancashire was diagnosed with cancer in January 2017.
 •  'You never think your baby is going to die'
Kym Field's son died hours after birth due to a failure by medical staff to monitor his heart rate.
 •  'I was in their shoes - now I'm better'
Lucy, 19, overcame an eating disorder and now helps others with the condition.
 •  The man on a prosthetic hand mission
Nigel Ackland lost his arm in a factory accident in the UK, but now has one of the most sophisticated prosthetics in the world.
 •  How to keep your baby safe in hot weather
A heatwave is on its way and there's more to it than ice lollies, paddling pools and parasols.
 •  Let workers shed suits in hot weather, says trade union body
The Trade Union body says it's time workplace rules were relaxed and most workers agree.
 •  Broken heart syndrome may have lasting damage, say researchers
Researchers looked at patients with the condition thought to be triggered by emotional stress.
 •  Will free hospital parking cost £162m?
Labour says it will make car parking free at NHS hospitals at a cost of £162m.
 •  Reality Check: How much will Labour's NHS plans cost?
Reality Check looks at how much aspects of Labour's NHS proposals could cost.
 •  Peace at last
Fifteen years ago there was no such thing as palliative care - care for the dying - in Mongolia. Now there is, thanks to Odontuya Davaasuren.
 •  Safe sex revolution
Amelia Martyn-Hemphill meets the man behind Thailand's safe sex revolution
 •  'My cancer came back'
Rochdale midfielder Joe Thompson and wife Chantelle speak to BBC Sport about his second battle with cancer.
 •  Rehydrating the bodies
Dr Alejandro Hernández Cárdenas has developed a new technique to help identify corpses.
 •  Blind man's crusade
A blind man in Scotland has qualified as a self-defence instructor, and is teaching other blind people how to protect themselves
 •  The long and short of it
TV presenter Nadia Sawalha posted a video online "confessing" she was losing her hair.
 •  Poison pill
A Canadian doctor says one short letter managed to convince doctors that opioids were safe.
 •  How to manage back pain
Dr Rangan Chatterjee, from Doctor in the House, on the options available to people living with back pain.
 •  Body over mind
Research on the role of the immune system in depression.
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