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 •  The President's surprising offer seems at odds with past efforts to discredit the special counsel's investigation
Donald Trump, the President who refused to release his tax returns, just made an unexpected gesture towards transparency, saying he'd be happy for Americans to see Robert Mueller's final report.
 •  Don Lemon: This is a trick Trump has played before
CNN's Don Lemon criticizes President Donald Trump for his recent remarks about the Mueller report, the late Sen. John McCain and George Conway, the husband of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway.
 •  Hope Hicks to cooperate with Dems' Trump probe
Hope Hicks, the former White House communications director and long-time confidante of President Donald Trump, plans to turn over documents to the House Judiciary Committee as part of its investigation into potential obstruction of justice.
 •  Lawmaker says Hope Hicks has 'seen things'
Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) tells CNN's Erin Burnett why he thinks House committees stand to learn a lot from former White House communications director Hope Hicks, who plans to comply with document requests.
 •  Analysis: How Democrats fell out of love with impeaching Trump
Almost from the day that Donald Trump won the White House in 2016, a significant chunk of Democrats have wanted Congress to throw him out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue via impeachment. Which makes the latest finding on impeachment in a CNN-SSRS poll all the more intriguing.
 •  Opinion: If the Mueller report goes to the Supreme Court...
As special counsel Robert Mueller prepares to issue his final report, we soon could face a constitutional dilemma -- leading down the same road previously walked by President Richard Nixon. The facts are different in some respects now, but the stakes would be the same.
 •  Analysis: Mueller probe revelations explain Trump's rage
President Donald Trump looks -- and is acting -- rattled and encircled by the Russia investigation. And a series of fresh disclosures on Tuesday show there is every reason for him to feel threatened by the vast shadow it is casting over his life, business and presidency.
 •  Justice Clarence Thomas asked a question for the first time in 3 years -- here's why
The question Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas asked on Wednesday -- one of his exceptionally rare queries -- involved race. But as has happened before, there was a twist.
 •  Anthony Scaramucci says Trump's McCain attacks are 'stupid'
President Donald Trump's attacks on the late Sen. John McCain are "stupid" and "socially unnatural," former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci said Thursday.
 •  Ex-senator and Vietnam vet unloads on Trump: Show us your bone spurs
Vietnam veteran and former Sen. Bob Kerrey (D-NE) says President Donald Trump should show the American public proof of his bone spurs, which Trump has said kept him out of the military draft during the Vietnam War.
 •  Gillum launches voter registration drive in Florida aimed at beating Trump in 2020
Former Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, who lost a bid for Florida governor in November, is launching a voter registration effort with the intent of denying Donald Trump a second term.
 •  Some Democrats want to completely overhaul the US government
The list of big systemic changes that some Democratic presidential candidates are pushing is long and getting longer.
 •  Anderson Cooper: I wish this story would go away. It's sickening.
CNN's Anderson Cooper criticizes President Trump for attacking the late Sen. John McCain at an Army tank plant, stating the story of Trump "trashing" McCain is sickening.
 •  Meet the men who might be 2020's first spouse
There are vast differences among the more than a dozen Democrats who have thrown their hats in the ring for the 2020 presidential race, but six of them have something significant in common: Should one of them win, their husband would become the first-ever first spouse.
 •  Was Venezuela's rebel cop executed? Leaked photos raise questions
Oscar Perez knew death was closing in, but he was still trying to make a deal.
 •  Assault rifles to be banned, says New Zealand Prime Minister
All military-style semi-automatic weapons, assault rifles and high-capacity magazines will be banned in New Zealand following the mass shootings at two Christchurch mosques that killed 50 people, New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced on Thursday.
 •  Former spa owner denies selling access to Trump
Cindy Yang, the former owner of a Florida massage parlor, denies allegations she sold access to President Donald Trump to her Chinese clients.
 •  Patriots owner Robert Kraft files a motion to stop public release of spa videos
Attorneys for New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and more than a dozen other defendants charged in a Florida prostitution sting filed a motion to stop the public release of surveillance videos and other evidence taken by police.
 •  Guaido's chief of staff and head counsel are detained, the Venezuelan leader tweets
Venezuela's Juan Guaido, who has been recognized as interim president by more than 50 nations, tweeted on Thursday that his chief of staff and head counsel have been detained by the country's intelligence service, SEBIN.
 •  Retired Lt. Col. Ralph Peters: Trump a draft-dodging coward with a big mouth
CNN's Anderson Cooper speaks with retired Lt. Col. Ralph Peters about President Donald Trump's recent comments attacking Sen. John McCain merely months after his death.
 •  Theresa May to plead for Brexit delay at EU summit
 •  Powerball grows to $625 million
Bad news: No one won Wednesday night's Powerball drawing.
 •  Coach K calls him one of NBA's next great stars
 •  NFL team is 1st to hire two women to coaching staff
 •  Behind Olive Garden's huge comeback
It's been about five years since activist investor Starboard first targeted Darden Restaurants and issued a scathing criticism of the business, particularly the food at Olive Garden.
 •  A mom on a YouTube show is accused of pepper-spraying her kids when they flubbed their lines
The "Fantastic Adventures" YouTube channel has racked up more than 250 million views with its adorable cast of seven adopted children, silly topics and charmingly low-fi visual effects.
 •  Does Levi's still have it? We're about to find out
 •  2020 candidate gushes over actress girlfriend
Sen. Cory Booker gushed about his newly public relationship with actress Rosario Dawson during an appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."
 •  It just became easier for employers to dump retirees' pensions
Traditional pensions are disappearing in America, and the federal government just made it easier for employers to get rid of them.
 •  Hundreds of hotel guests were secretly filmed and live-streamed online
Around 1,600 people have been secretly filmed in hotel rooms in South Korea, with the footage live-streamed online for paying customers to watch, police said Wednesday.
 •  Coca-Cola unveils new product
As more Americans are reaching for drinks with lower sugar, sparkling water is on the rise. Coke is keeping up with the trend by rolling out flavored sparkling Smartwater.
 •  See Game of Thrones star chug wine at NHL game
 •  Comedian says husband on autism spectrum
Amy Schumer spoke about her husband, Christopher Fischer, being diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder in her Netflix special "Amy Schumer: Growing."
 •  What John Hickenlooper said that led to this moment
 •  9 key takeaways from John Hickenlooper's town hall
 •  Hickenlooper: How come we aren't asking women this ...
During a CNN town hall in Atlanta, Democratic presidential candidate and former Gov. John Hickenlooper (D-CO) explained why Americans should vote for him over a woman or minority candidate.
 •  Former Colorado governor slams Trump over white nationalism comments
Former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper said Wednesday President Donald Trump "should be ashamed of himself" for saying he doesn't view white nationalism as a rising global threat following the mosque terror attacks in New Zealand that killed 50 people.
 •  Hickenlooper: Why aren't female Democratic candidates being asked if they'd pick a man as VP?
Former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper said Wednesday that he would consider putting a woman on his presidential ticket, and then asked why female Democratic presidential candidates are not being asked if they would select a man as their running mate.
 •  How face blindness has affected his political career
John Hickenlooper knows he knows you from somewhere. The former Colorado governor now running for president just doesn't know if it's really you.
 •  Winners and losers from the First Four games of March Madness
 •  The chaos bracket that could happen
 •  Expert predictions NCAA tournament first round
 •  Everything you need to know for March Madness
Get ready for a lot of bracket smack talk. March Madness is finally here.
 •  Everything you thought about 'The Scream' is wrong
"The Scream" by Edvard Munch is one of the most famous images in the history of art, and even has its own emoji.
 •  In photos: The last supermoon of 2019
The third and final supermoon of the year lit up the sky on March 20, closing out a trifecta of supermoons for 2019 that began in January.
 •  Star athlete speaks out after photo controversy
Tayla Harris, a star Australian footballer, says comments on a photo of her captured in the air having kicked the first goal of a game were "sexual abuse."
 •  Jessica Simpson welcomes new daughter
Jessica Simpson is a mom again.
 •  7 things to know before the bell
1. Brexit fears: The pound is under pressure as Britain plunges deeper into Brexit chaos.
 •  This is DSW's plan to save itself
Payless is going out of business and will close all of its 2,100 US stores. DSW had a miserable holiday season, but it has developed a strategy to avoid Payless' fate.
 •  The world is coming after Silicon Valley. Tech companies must evolve to survive
The world is coming after Silicon Valley.
 •  College admissions scam is a 'slap in the face to the American Dream'
For our readers, real life doesn't have a Hollywood nickname like "Operation Varsity Blues" and the scandal, as it continues to unfold, isn't an abstraction. "It's a slap in the face to the American dream and to the other kids in the Chicago Public School system," said Christian Badillo, the first student from his high school to be admitted to Stanford University, where he is now a senior. It's a reminder that, as graduating high school senior Mick Hashimoto put it, "We are frustrated with what America has become." Hashimoto, like so many of his peers across the country, is waiting this week and beyond for the results of his own college applications.
 •  What raising a Down syndrome child really means
One of the most challenging things about being the mother to a child with additional needs is the never-ending quest to change the world into a more accessible and nonjudgmental place. Through everyday situations, it often hits home just how far we as a society still need to go.
 •  Heed the dead whale with 90 pounds of plastic
This week, we read of a whale that washed up dead in the Philippines with almost 90 pounds of plastic in its stomach.
 •  Too many new moms can't access this treatment
It should be good news that the Food and Drug Administration has approved the first drug specifically indicated for treating postpartum depression, but it's not that simple.
 •  Democracy is good for your health
Thomas Jefferson and one of his co-signers of the Declaration of Independence, physician Benjamin Rush, once argued that sick political systems and despotism produce sick people and disease. It may seem, however, like history has abounded with counterexamples.
 •  Something is terribly wrong with Trump
Let's pause for a moment and consider that President Donald Trump's chief of staff Mick Mulvaney had to say on national TV that his boss is "not a white supremacist" and one of Trump's senior advisers, Kellyanne Conway, had to push back against her own husband's questioning of Trump's mental state.
 •  Hiltons of San Diego: Best Rates Plus Extra Savings
 •  9 cards charging 0% interest until 2020
 •  15yr fixed rates dropped. Time is ticking to refi
 •  Analysis: UK PM risks violence and loses even more allies
 •  Birmingham mosque attacks probed by counter-terrorism officers
Counter-terrorism police have launched an investigation after five mosques in the British city of Birmingham were attacked on Thursday.
 •  Christchurch security footage shows suspect fired at people from his car
At 1:41 p.m. on March 15, cars stream up and down Deans Avenue in the New Zealand city of Christchurch and pedestrians stroll casually along the sidewalk.
 •  Why this picture led to outrage in Australia
 •  US deploys B-52s in message to Russia
The US Air Force recently deployed six nuclear-capable B-52 bombers to Europe for "theater integration and flying training" exercises with regional allies and NATO partners -- a move viewed as sending a strong message to Russia, which is celebrating the five-year anniversary of its military annexation of Crimea.
 •  Popular weedkiller Roundup likely cause of 2nd man's cancer, jury says
A federal jury dealt a huge blow to Monsanto, saying its popular weedkiller Roundup was a substantial factor in causing a California man's cancer.
 •  Say hello to spring
It's almost time to hang up those winter coats. The season of flower blossoms, pastel colors, playoff basketball and Easter egg hunting is upon us.
 •  CBP releasing some migrants due to overcrowding in detention facilities
Customs and Border Protection has begun releasing some migrants apprehended crossing the Texas border illegally with notices to appear in court because of limited space in detention facilities in the Rio Grande Valley.
 •  Sandra Day O'Connor's life on and off the bench
A new biography of the first woman on the Supreme Court details Justice Sandra Day O'Connor's agonizing struggle with her husband's dementia in the years before she retired and her later angst as she watched the court lunge rightward and faced her own declining health.
 •  Ohio court is asked to clarify when life begins
A lawyer in Cleveland, representing a couple that lost embryos in the Ohio fertility clinic storage tank failure last year, is asking an appeals court to answer when -- according to Ohio law -- life begins.
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