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 •  Non-monogamous relationships are just as successful as monogamous: Study
 •  That afternoon power nap can boost employees` creativity
 •  Ask grandparents to keep doing housework, to keep heart attack at bay
 •  Choose sunscreen according to your skin tone
 •  Just 10 minutes of play a day can keep cardiometabolic risk at bay
 •  Genetic discovery offers hope for Alzheimer's disease
 •  Stem cell therapy can help repair damaged lungs
 •  New fluorescence-based assay offers hope in fighting antibiotic resistance
 •  Survivors of childhood brain tumours have more fat
 •  Rejoice beer lovers! A pint a day keeps heart problems at bay
 •  World Tuberculosis Day: Rising need to increase awareness among kids
 •  World Tuberculosis Day 2017 - Unite to End TB: Leave No One Behind
 •  Did you know? Blind have enhanced hearing, smell, cognitive functions
 •  Insulin resistance linked with cognitive performance: Study
 •  Knee replacement isn't the only surgical option for patients with knee arthritis
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