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 •  Trump casts doubt on June summit with Kim
 •  White House press briefing
 •  EPA blocks CNN and Associated Press journalists from attending Pruitt speech
 •  Trump says 'spies' in campaign would be unprecedented
 •  Paul Ryan supports Justice Department IG investigation into Trump campaign surveillance
 •  Here's the most interesting primary race in the country today
 •  F-35 stealth fighter jets get first taste of combat
 •  The Point: What on earth is Michael Flynn Jr.'s super cryptic tweet hinting at?
 •  Obama Education Secretary Arne Duncan defends call for school boycott until gun laws change
 •  Democratic senator presses Pompeo on US forces in Niger
Updated: 34 minutes ago
 •  Trump targets Planned Parenthood with new abortion rule
 •  Bill Gates reveals Trump's confusion between HIV and HPV
 •  Debut of poignant McCain documentary 'For Whom the Bell Tolls'
 •  On response to Trump abortion rule, critics say they're not 'ruling anything out'
 •  Rapper Meek Mill backs out of White House talk on prison reform
 •  Trump nominates Robert Wilkie to head Veterans Affairs
 •  Trump: DOJ put a 'spy' in campaign to 'frame' him
 •  Immigration once again splits the GOP
 •  First Read's Morning Clips: Senate 'absolutely' in play, McConnell says
 •  Trump seeks to placate Kim Jong Un over uncertain summit
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World Politics Review: Articles
 •  The Race Is On to Rule the New Zimbabwe
 •  The Consequences of Israel and Egypt’s Alliance of Convenience Against ISIS
 •  Is the U.S. Expecting Too Much Out of Iraq’s Elections?
 •  Is the G-20 Heading for a Showdown With Trump on Climate Change?
 •  Why Meghan Markle Probably Won’t Save Britain’s Multilateral Mojo
 •  Why Iraq’s Elections Were an Indictment of the Elite
 •  America Is Not Kim Jong Un’s Main Concern
 •  Singapore’s Challenges in Asia Go Beyond Hosting High-Stakes Diplomacy
 •  Sadr’s Unlikely Political Transformation in Iraq Confounds Both the U.S. and Iran
 •  How Should Palestinian Leadership Respond to Trump’s Jerusalem Decision?
Updated: 113 minutes ago
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