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 •  Responding to the President's racists attacks, the congresswoman also said, 'It is time for us to impeach this President'
 •  Congresswomen respond to Trump attacks: 'We will not be silenced'
One of the Democratic lawmakers criticized by President Donald Trump's racist attacks in recent days called the President's remarks a "disruptive distraction" and said that she would encourage the American people "to not take the bait."
 •  Ocasio-Cortez fires back at Trump: I'm not surprised
Four congresswomen of color, Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Ayanna Pressley (D-MA), and Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) hold a news conference to address President Trump's racist comments about them.
 •  Sen. Graham calls congresswomen communists
Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham, one of President Donald Trump's strongest allies on Capitol Hill, declined on Monday to condemn the President over his racist tweets against several minority members of Congress, instead calling them a "bunch of communists."
 •  Which GOP lawmakers have condemned Trump's tweet
Lawmakers are returning to Congress on Monday following a racist series of tweets from President Donald Trump aimed at four Democratic lawmakers, and Republican leaders as well as rank-and-file members are feeling the pressure to weigh in on the President's comments.
 •  Pressley on Trump's attacks: Don't take the bait
Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) responds after President Trump doubles down on a racist attack against a group of Democratic congresswomen.
 •  Opinion: Why Trump's racist dog whistle won't work this time
Donald Trump's grandfather, Friedrich Trump, was born in Kallstadt, Germany, and emigrated to the United States as a teenager. (According to one historian, he was thrown out of his country of birth for failing to perform mandatory military service.) Now Friedrich's grandson has become President of the United States, and is trying to fuel a re-election campaign by stoking nativist resentment.
 •  Analysis: Here's the truly amazing way Donald Trump defended his racist tweets
President Donald Trump offered a very, uh, interesting explanation Monday for why his racist tweets over the weekend urging four Democratic congresswomen of color to leave the country weren't, in fact, racist: He's not the only one who feels that way.
 •  Security reports reveal how Assange turned an embassy into a command post for election meddling
New documents obtained exclusively by CNN reveal that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange received in-person deliveries, potentially of hacked materials related to the 2016 US election, during a series of suspicious meetings at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.
 •  Jake Tapper finds historical use of Trump's phrase
CNN's Jake Tapper criticizes President Trump and congressional Republicans after Trump doubled down on racist attacks on a group of Democratic congresswomen.
 •  70 current and former US border employees connected to Facebook groups with lewd and mocking posts
Internal investigators for US Customs and Border Protection have identified 70 individuals, 62 of which are current employees, who are connected with inappropriate or derogatory posts or the Facebook groups that had such posts, they announced Monday.
 •  Booker: Trump is literally fanning the flames of racial violence
Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker says President Trump's tweet directed at progressive Democratic congresswomen, falsely implying they weren't natural-born American citizens, used "racist, vile, dangerous language."
 •  Feds warn UFO enthusiasts against storming Area 51: The military 'stands ready'
They've got a plan to raid Area 51 and "see them aliens." But what will happen if they actually do it?
 •  AG Barr warns of hate created by identity politics
Attorney General William Barr pointed a finger at groups fighting "under the banner of identity politics" at a summit on anti-Semitism Monday, saying that they were divisive and creating a "breeding ground for hatred."
 •  Calls intensify for Puerto Rican governor's resignation following leaked private chats
Calls for Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló to resign are growing after remarks he made in a private group chat were leaked, and more protests are being organized in San Juan.
 •  Susan Rice condemns Chinese diplomat as 'racist disgrace'
Former national security adviser Susan Rice condemned a Chinese diplomat as "a racist disgrace" following incendiary tweets by the envoy.
 •  Man confesses to murdering US scientist Suzanne Eaton in Crete
A 27-year-old man has confessed to killing US scientist Suzanne Eaton on the Greek island of Crete, a police spokesperson told CNN Monday.
 •  Pink responds to criticism over her kids running through Holocaust memorial
Pink had some strong words for those trying to mom-shame her after a photo she posted on Instagram Sunday elicited some critical comments.
 •  Hollywood actor Charles Levin is found dead
Authorities in Oregon believe they have found the remains of Charles Levin, an actor who appeared in television series like "Seinfeld" and "LA Law." He was 70 years old, according to IMDb.
 •  J. Lo: I am heartbroken and devastated
Thousands of fans attending a Jennifer Lopez concert at Madison Square Garden were left in the dark after a power outage struck parts of Manhattan.
 •  Italian police seize an 'arsenal' of military weapons, Nazi paraphernalia, from 3 men
Italian police have seized "an arsenal of military weapons" and Nazi paraphernalia from three men, one a former political candidate for an extreme right party.
 •  A sunken barge might have saved these Louisiana towns from major flooding
While officials worked to restore power and remove fallen trees in Assumption Parish on Sunday, one hazard was notably absent in its towns as a major storm pushed north: flooding.
 •  See inside the Notre Dame repair
CNN's Jim Bittermann reports on the Notre Dame restoration efforts in Paris. The cathedral suffered a fire in April 2019 and is slated to be restored by 2024.
 •  Missing 9-year-old girl, whose disappearance gripped China, found dead
A 9-year-old Chinese girl's mysterious weeklong disappearance came to a tragic end Sunday after authorities confirmed her lifeless body had been found in the East China Sea.
 •  Beloved activist found dead in trunk of car
A beloved activist and founder of an African-American museum in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, was found dead in the trunk of a car. CNN's Randi Kaye has more.
 •  Scientists have found that anorexia is linked to metabolism
The way we treat anorexia may be changing, thanks to a new study linking the illness to metabolism.
 •  Why some Amazon workers are going on strike
At a time of rising activism among workers, some Amazon employees are using Prime Day to protest their pay, working conditions and a range of other issues.
 •  Boxing legend dies after being hit by a vehicle
 •  A 'wake-up' call: Your health before age 40 is tied to heart risks later in life
Having higher-than-normal cholesterol and blood pressure levels before age 40 can raise your risk of heart disease later in life more than you might think, according to a new study.
 •  See cop rush to save man having seizure
A police officer in Pennsylvania rushed to help a man having a seizure while driving a truck on a busy road.
 •  Woman lived with her dead mom's body for 3 years
 •  Man soars over crowds on flyboard
A man shows off cutting-edge tech as he hovers over the crowd on a jet-powered flying board during the Bastille Day celebrations.
 •  Yosemite National Park's iconic names restored, thanks to lawsuit settled today
Yosemite National Park's great Ahwahnee Hotel has its name back.
 •  Goodwill employee makes a startling find
An associate at a Goodwill in Tucson, Arizona, came across a Purple Heart medal. It has now been returned to the family of the US Navy member it was awarded to.
 •  The hidden cost of America's addiction to fast, free shipping
Search. Compare options. Click buy. Look out for a package on your doorstep the next day, or even that same day, without ever having to get in your car. The mail truck comes by and drops off your order with a bunch of others, probably on a route she would've been driving anyway, no extra trip needed. Totally green, right?
 •  Canada releases a Canada-shaped coin
Step aside America, Canada just reinvented the coin.
 •  Jellyfish the size of a human spotted by divers
A giant jellyfish the size of a human has stunned a diver off the south-western coast of England.
 •  A teenage girl on a boogie board is bitten by a shark in Florida
A 16-year-old girl suffered bites to her foot and ankle after a shark attacked her in Florida, authorities said.
 •  Watch a giant squid caught on camera
A team of scientists deployed a camera into the depths of the ocean to catch a rare glimpse of a giant squid.
 •  A shark was swallowed whole during a rarely seen deep-sea feast
Perhaps the old saying is true: You are what you eat.
 •  Is this a new type of jellyfish in the Indian Ocean?
In the deepest chasms of the Indian Ocean, a mysterious new creature's been spotted, potentially for the first time.
 •  Here are the best deals (so far!) for Amazon Prime Day 2019
 •  Here are our favorite Prime Day Lightning Deals
 •  Here are the best Prime Day TV deals
 •  10 great deals from Walmart's massive summer sale
 •  20 of the best deals from Nordstrom's anniversary
 •  He was castrated for being gay. Now he's the face of UK's £50 note
Alan Turing, a crack code-breaker and visionary mathematician who was convicted under Victorian-era homophobic laws, will be the face of Britain's new £50 note.
 •  Scarlett Johansson, slammed for playing minority characters, faces more criticism
Scarlett Johansson reignited debate about Hollywood actors playing characters of other races, genders and sexual orientations after saying she should be allowed to play "any person, or any tree, or any animal."
 •  Construction workers catch dangling kids
Two men are being hailed for their bravery in helping to rescue a baby and a toddler who were dropped from a burning building.
 •  Search for missing camper and her dog continues in California
Search and rescue crews continued Monday to search Inyo National Forest for a Southern California woman and her dog who were reported missing.
 •  Time may be running out for Victoria's Secret
It's no secret that fewer people are buying bras, panties and other intimate apparel at Victoria's Secret. The company's sales have been sliding for a while, and one Wall Street analyst thinks time may be running out for the retailer's parent company, L Brands, to fix it.
 •  Chipotle stock has fully recovered from its E. coli problems
Chipotle's comeback from its E. coli nightmare of 2015 and early 2016 is now complete. Shares of Chipotle hit a new all-time high Monday for the first time since August 2015.
 •  As he divides us, Trump betrays his country and his family
The way Donald Trump talks and tweets about immigrants, you'd almost think he forgot that his mother and two of his own grandparents emigrated to the United States from abroad, and that their struggles -- and troubles -- weren't so different from those experienced by the people he blithely condemns today.
 •  Scarlett Johansson is right about one thing
Monday was not a good day for Scarlett Johansson on the internet. The most recent edition of As If magazine -- a 4-years-old niche luxury magazine that is no doubt delighted with the publicity -- features the multimillionaire actress in conversation with the artist David Salle, who also styled her for an accompanying fashion shoot. In between modelling the latest Audemars Piguet watch (price: $26,800) and Dolce & Gabbana floral dress (price: $2,356), the two found time to talk about contemporary controversies in casting practice.
 •  This should really worry Trump and GOP for 2020
The headline-grabbing Democratic infighting between Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the high-profile progressive Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), D-New York, must be bringing joy to President Donald Trump and the GOP.
 •  The slave trader who TN governor is honoring
 •  I was raped and broken. So I picked up my camera
Rosem Morton was raped one year ago on July 15. She turned to photography to help her process her pain and regain her voice.
 •  Dumb moves by Democrats
Many conservatives cheered as President Donald Trump pursued adding a question about American citizenship back into the Census forms that will be delivered nationwide next year. It seems common sense that a nation would want to know how many citizens it has, after all.
 •  Refinance rates at 3.018% APR. Do you qualify?
 •  8 cards charging 0% interest until 2021
 •  5 stocks for building wealth after 50
 •  China holds drills in Taiwan Strait and calls for sanctions against US companies
China held military drills off the coast of Taiwan as tensions rise between Beijing and Washington over US support for the island that China views as a part of its territory.
 •  Europe's likely next president may need far-right votes to win
Germany's Ursula von der Leyen is on the verge of succeeding Jean-Claude Juncker to become the European Commission's first female president on Tuesday -- if leaders of the 28 EU member states have their way.
 •  Iran's nuclear deal breach not significant, EU chief says
The European Union's foreign policy chief has said that none of the signatory parties to the Iran nuclear deal believe that the country's breach of the agreement are "significant."
 •  India now produces world's cheapest solar power
Indian startup ReNew Power has raised more than $1 billion in funds this year alone for its wind and solar business.
 •  ICE has begun raids to round up undocumented immigrants, official says
Immigration authorities have begun conducting raids, a senior administration official said Sunday, in an operation expected to target about 2,000 undocumented immigrants ordered by courts to be removed from the country.
 •  How the city that never sleeps kept going when the lights went out
• Jennifer Lopez: I am heartbroken and devastated • Photos of the Manhattan power outage • Here's what actors did when the power went out on Broadway
 •  'Doomsday prepper' couple is accused of abusing two victims on their farm for years
A Florida couple is accused of physically and sexually abusing two victims on their farm for years, police said.
 •  The Española chile pepper will be the first fruiting plant NASA grows in space
It's one small step for man, one giant leap for chile peppers.
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