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 •  Why do some dolphins, whales get stranded along coasts?
Mass strandings occur around the world and can affect anywhere from three to several hundred animals during any given event.
 •  Pollution in Beijing region reduced by 38%
From January to November, the capital saw the average concentration of PM2.5 - the smallest, most harmful particles of pollution - reduced to 60 micrograms per cubic meter, a reduction of 25.6 percent.
 •  Martian atmosphere well-protected from effects of solar wind: Study
Unlike Earth, Mars has no global magnetic dipole, but the solar wind instead induces currents in the ionised upper atmosphere (the ionosphere), creating an induced magnetosphere.
 •  Isaac Newton, the artist? Graffiti sketched by scientist as a young boy discovered
The sketch is thought to have been inspired by the building of a mill nearby during Newton's childhood.  
 •  Do aliens exist? NASA likely to make big revelation soon
As per a press release by NASA, the team at the Kepler Space Telescope has been searching for extra-terrestrial life since 2009, and now they have found something spell binding.
 •  The United Kingdom has found its new highest peak – Mount Hope
 The map-makers at the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) were prompted to take another look at the mountains because of concerns for the safety of pilots flying across the White Continent.
 •  Skywatchers can enjoy a dazzling meteor shower this week
Meteor showers are named after the location of the radiant, usually a star or constellation close to where they appear in the night sky. The Geminid radiant is in the constellation Gemini.  
 •  This heart-wrenching video of starving polar bear will make you teary-eyed - Watch
The video shows a bony, emaciated polar bear trying to cling on to his life as he hunts for a morsel of food. 
 •  Restorers uncover 250-year-old 'time capsule' inside Jesus Christ's statue – Watch
The note discusses key facts about the statue, such as who carved it and that it is made from wood.
 •  NASA to explore Artificial Intelligence to communicate with space
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) permits a cognitive radio to use the frequency while unused by its primary user until the user becomes active again.  
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