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 •  Baby Elephant chases birds and falls face-down at Sweden zoo – Watch
It shows the baby elephant running after the birds while his mom stands watch over him - until he takes a tumble and falls face-first on the ground in a hilarious manner which is worth watching.
 •  NASA to support ESA's gravitational wave space mission
The European Space Agency (ESA) has selected the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA) to study gravitational waves in space - a mission in which NASA will partner with ESA in design, development, operations and data analysis.
 •  Zolo the 'breakdancing' gorilla shows off stellar moves in his swimming pool! - Watch video
The video immediately caught the pulse of the social media platforms and people just couldn't have enough of Zolo's rockstar performance in his little pool.
 •  Team that built world's lightest satellite 'KalamSat' felicitated
The satellite's structure is fully 3D printed with reinforced carbon fibre polymer.
 •  Puzzled over the phenomenon of 'bright nights' for centuries, scientists finally say 'Eureka'!
 Historical accounts of bright nights go back centuries. European newspapers and the scientific literature also carried observations of these events in 1783, 1908 and 1916.
 •  NASA's tenth attempt at launching sounding rocket to create interstellar clouds postponed
These clouds, or vapor tracers, that will allow scientists on the ground or by aircraft to visually track particle motions in space, may be visible along the mid-Atlantic coastline from New York to North Carolina.
 •  Reusing Falcon 9 first stage, SpaceX launches Bulgarian satellite!
This launch marked the second time that SpaceX has reflown a Falcon 9 first stage, after the March launch of the SES-10 satellite. 
 •  NASA's Juno captures beautiful view of Jupiter’s bands of clouds!
NASA has released a beautiful image of Jupiter's band of light and dark clouds.
 •  Tenth attempt: NASA nighttime rocket launch to create artificial clouds in space set for Saturday
As per NASA, the multi-canister ampoule ejection system being tested on this mission will allow scientists to gather information over a much larger area than previously able during a sounding rocket mission to study the ionosphere or aurora.
 •  Shape of the egg depends on flying skills of bird, says study
Researchers report that the variety in the shape of the eggs birds lay depends on how well a bird flies.
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