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Country : India State : Rajasthan         Aburoad               
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17-Jun-2011 Devendra Kumar Great Touch Its great place in the rajsthan, indian even in the world because it is one of the best eduction cen
29-Jan-2011 Chirag Jain It is best for EDUCATION Here is many school which provides better quality education with a difference example St. John's Sch
17-Sep-2010 kaustuv kumar singh holidays abu road is realy beautiful place. You must visit it once. People in abu road are realy true peopl
20-Feb-2010 D.Mani Abu road experience In the past Abu Road was known as KHARADI but after arrival of British in Mt. Abu this only the Rly.
03-Nov-2009 Jovial Vaghela My Place Its amix of grass and ground, planes and hills, sun and shadow, a place you can call yours.
30-Jun-2009 mohd. irfan wonderful city aburoad & mt. abu
04-Jul-2008 Jatin Jain Abu Road, A Heaven In my opinion Abu Road is the place where u can be free from all ur worries and sorrows... Specially
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