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Country : India State : Uttar Pradesh         Allahabad               
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Places Within Allahabad
All Saints' Cathedral Allahabad Fort Allahabad University Anand Bhavan Chandra Shekhar Azad Park Hanuman Temple
Khusro Bagh Minto Park Or Madan Mohan Malviya Park Sangam
Places Around Allahabad
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19-Dec-2013 R.K.Pant Awesome Allahab... Awesome Allahabd is the most sacred, peacefull & beautifull city
04-Mar-2011 Abhay Pandey Allahabad my city Allahabad is a most famous city in India. I ever missing to take my morning bath in Sangam.
04-Mar-2011 Allahabad is ve... Allahabad is very beautiful city in India and I ever desire to a my daily morning bath in Sangam. I
29-Jul-2010 sania awesome allahabad allahabad my city is the most peacful city a must to visit place
18-Aug-2009 satish a greatest city of the world
19-Jun-2005 Jawaid Saeedi Mr My second visit to my mother's native city, in my 51 years, in October 1999 was an emotional experie
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