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Bangalore [ˈbæŋɡəlɔːr] (help·info), also known as Bengaḷūru (Kannada: ಬೆಂಗಳೂರು, [ˈbeŋɡəɭuːru]( listen)), is the capital of the Indian state of Karnataka. Located on the Deccan Plateau in the south-eastern part of Karnataka, Bangalore is India's third most populous city and fifth-most populous urban agglomeration. Though historical references to the city predate 900 AD, a modern written history of continuous settlement exists only from 1537, when Kempe Gowda, who many regard as the architect of modern Bangalore, built a mud-brick fort at the site and established it as a province of the imperial Vijayanagara Empire. During the British Raj, it became a centre of colonial rule in South India. The establishment of the Bangalore Cantonment brought in large numbers of migrants from other parts of the country. Today as a large city and growing metropolis, Bangalore is home to many of the most well-recognized colleges and research institutions in India. Numerous public sector heavy industries...      Read more at wikipedia...
Bangalore, a city of adventure and a fast growing metropolis, this 'garden city' is the capital of the southern Indian state of Karnataka. Situated about 1000 m above sea level, it is known for its wonderful climate where temperatures remain moderate through out the year. It is connected by air, rail and road to all major cities of the country and has direct international connections to many cities worldwide.
Facts At A Glance
Built In Founded in 1537.
Main Languages Hindi is the national language but the local language is Kannada.
Area 366 sq. km
STD Code 080
Airport Code BLR
Banglore also known as SILICON VALLEY is the political hub of the region mainly due to its economic importance .It is Karnataka's capital and is one of the fastest growing cities in Asia. The population is around 8 million. Now a day the main attraction of Bangalore is M G Road area, where fast food joints, yuppie theme bars and glizzy malls are all the rage. Bangalore's gentle climate, broad streets and green public parks made it the GARDEN CITY in 1800's. But after Indian independence the situation became almost adverse because maximum of the persons who were of good recognition like film stars and V I Pspreferred their establishments here. During the last decade Bangalore has undergone a massive transformation. The wide avenues, now dominated by tower blocks, heavy traffic and water and electric shortages have become the part of the city. Even the climate has been affected and pollution problem has become the major problem here.
Currently more than 700 IT-companies are going about their business there. Among them are almost all the global giants of the e-business-sector which run both wholly-owned or partially-owned subsidiaries and joint ventures with domestic partners. In the meantime some prominent domestic software firms have also been established. The city?s software industry is highly export-oriented and handles a spectrum of services that ranges from fairly low-tech, labour intensive activities like data entry and transcribing work to much higher value-added activities like developing end-user applications and software packages or services.
Bangalore is in Karnataka State and it is bounded in east by Andhra Pradesh ,west by Goa and the Arabian Sea; south by Kerala and Karnataka and north by Maharashtra .
Best time to visit
Karnataka is one of the wettest region in India having an average of 4m rain .The main reason behind this type of climate is the seasonal monsoon .It is preferred to visit the place between September to February. This very time the climatic conditions remain pleasant and comfortable.
How To Get There
Bangalore is connected by air with Delhi, Goa, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Kolkata , Chennai , Cochin , Coimbatore, Mangalore , Mumbai , Pune and Tiruvananthapuram .

Bangalore airport is 13 Km north of the city centre ,serves cities throughout south India and beyond .

The Indian Airlines Office [2211914]is in Housing Board Building ,Kempe Gowda Road .
Jet Airways[5550856]and Sahara Airlines 5586976]are also here .
Bangalore to Muscat ,Sharjah and Singapore ,direct international flights are available
Via Mumbai flights are available for New York ,Singapore ,London ,Paris and Gulf States .
Some International offices are '
Air France --5589397 --Sunrise Chambers ,22 Ulsoor Road .
Air India --2277747 --Unity Building ,Jayachamaraya Road
British Airways --2271205--7 Mark's Road
K L M-- 2268703 --West End Hotel --Racecourse Road
Lufthansa --44/2 Dickenson Road .
Qantas --2256611--Westminster Building ,Cunningham Road
Singapore Airlines --2213833--51 Richmond Road .


All national highways throughout the country are well connected with Bangalore .All types of tourist buses are easily available here on hire .
Near the city tran station the central bus stand is located .Within the state bus services are available from K S R T C .Interstate buses are operated by K S R T C and A P S R T C .Private bus services are also available from Bangalore to the major part of the country but they are more expensive .Private buses leave from the street facing the central bus stand .

Bangalore is connected by rail with cities all over India .
----------------------------- --------------------------------- ------------------------------
Calcutta 5625 Guwahati Express 11.30 PM Thur&Fri
Ernakulam 6526 Kanniyakumari Express 9.00PM
Hospet 6592 Hampi Express 9.55 PM
Hyderabad 7686 Secunderabad Express 5.05 PM
Chennai 2608 Lalbagh Express 6.30 AM
2640 Brindavan Express 2.30 PM
2008 Shatabdi express 4.20 PM
Mumbai 6530 Udayan Express 8.30 PM
Mysore 6222 Kaveri Express 7.15 AM
6206 Tipu Express 2.25 PM
6216 Chamundi Express 6.15 PM
2007 Shatabdi Express 10.55 AM
Delhi 2627 Karnataka Express 6.25 PM
2429 Rajdhani Express 6.45 AM Wed&Fri
Tiruvananthapuram 6526 Kanniyakumari Express 9.00 PM
Lal Bagh Gardens

Lal Bagh is a must see while visiting Bangalore. The name Lal Bagh has been given to it for the wonderfully bloomed red roses that remain blooming all through the year in this garden. The garden has also a collection of famous Botanical species. Though the flow of visitors to the park is a regular affair, the garden gets a festive look during the Republic Day and on the days of flower shows that are held here.

Vidhan Soudha

Vidhan Soudha, built in the year 1954 is one of the major centres of attraction in Bangalore. The architecture of the building is based on the neo Dravidian style and it presently houses the Legislative Assembly of the state of Karnataka. The building also houses a part of the Karnataka secretariat.

Cubbon Park

Situated in the heart of the Bangalore city, the Cubbon Park is an interesting tourist spot which one should not miss out. The park was laid by Lord Cubbon in the year 1864. It is spread over an area of about 300 acres and the layout is absolutely exquisite.

Bangalore Palace

Built in the year 1887, Bangalore palace is a must see tourist spot in the garden city. The architecture of the palace is based on the Tudor style. The palace is situated in the middle of the Bangalore city making it easily accessible for the tourists. Covering an area of about 800 acres, the palace gives a look of the Windsor Palace of England.

Venkatappa Art Gallery

Venkatappa art gallery is a pleasant treat for the art lovers. It has about 600 paintings on display that you can see all through the year. The art gallery also has some of the exclusive collections of scenic displays.

Tipu's Palace

The palace and the fort of Tipu Sultan are the must see spot in Bangalore. The architecture, the layout and the overall look of the palace gives you the idea of the ethnic Mughal lifestyle. The fort and its remains present the history of the era in which it was built. The construction of the Tipu palace was started by Haider Ali and completed by Tipu Sultan himself.


The International Society for Krishna Consciousness or ISKCON Temple Complex of Bangalore is a marvellous building structure that has blended the Dravidian and modern architecture in its construction. The building has some of the modern facilities like the multi-vision cinema theatre, computer aided presentation theatres along with vedic library and a preaching library. The temple also has good accommodation facility for its members and non-members.

Shiva Statue

The statue is a 65 feet high depiction of Lord Shiva in a position of Padmashan or Lotus position. The statue is complete with Mount Kailash, the Lord's heavenly abode and the river Ganga flowing from his matted locks in the background. The entire area gives you a clear picture of the mythological legend related to it.

Bull temple

The Bull Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva's Vahana (vehicle), Nandi the bull. Here you can find a huge monolithic statue of the sitting bull that draws a large number of people to this place every day. The statue is 4.5 meters tall and 6 meters long and has been at this place long before the present temple was built.


The sight of the Aquarium, which is the second largest in the country, is quite fascinating. Built in a well-planned manner, the Aquarium has a good collection of a variety of aquatic life. The Aquarium remains closed on Mondays.

Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium

Among the other places to visit, the Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium is a must see. Visiting any of the shows here gives you a good view as well as factual knowledge on astronomy. Easily accessible from any corner of the city, the planetarium hosts daily shows of astronomy. It is a fascinating experience for the children.
Travel Tips
Carry only essentials. Avoid unnecessary items like too many clothes or heavy items.
Avoid carrying valuables. Wear a money necklace or stitch a pocket inside your outfit to keep important documents like your passport, credit cards, travellers' cheques, etc.
It's always better to take photo copies of important documents and leave them with someone trustworthy. Make sure you keep a card mentioning important contact numbers, your age, blood group, etc, so that people may help you in the event of an emergency.
Legend has it that the city is named after an old woman, who lived in this area and offered a humble meal of boiled beans to a lost Hoysala ruler. The origin of the present-day city of Bangalore can be traced to the early 16th century, when Kempegowda, a local chief, built a small mud fort here. Bangalore gained prominence in the 18th century, when it became an important fort city, under Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan of Mysore. This area witnessed the struggle between Tipu Sultan and the British. The British defeated Tipu Sultan and took over Bangalore city. In 1831, the British made it the regional administrative city and established a big cantonment here.
Food & Resturants
Bangalore not only offers traditional Kannada and Indian food to the tourist: there is also a hoard of fast-food joints, restaurants, nightclubs and pubs across the city.
Places To Stay
Five Star Deluxe Hotels in Bangalore
? The Leela Palace
? The Oberoi Hotel
? Taj West End
? Windsor Sheraton

Five Star Hotels - Bangalore
? Hotel Grand Ashok
? Taj Residency
? The Park Hotel
? The Le Meridien
Four Star Hotels - Bangalore
? The Luciya International
? Hotel
? The Capitol
? Gateway Hotel
? Royal Orchid Park Plaza
? St Marks Hotel
Three Star Hotels - Bangalore
? Museum Inn Hotel
? Mercure Inn Guestline Hotel
? Hotel Harsha
? Nahar\'s Heritage Hotel
? The Central Park Hotel
? Bangalore International
Airport Hotels - Bangalore
? Royal Orchid Park Plaza
Two Star Hotels - Bangalore
? Woodlands Hotel
? Hotel Ramanashree
? Nalapad Residency
? Hotel Geo
Business Hotels - Bangalore
? Leela Palace
? Taj Residency
? Taj West End
? The Oberoi
? Windsor Sheraton
Other Hotels - Bangalore
? Curzon Court Hotel
? Hotel Ivory Tower
? Ramanashree Rang Mahal
? Shakthi Hill Resort
? Ataria Hotel
? Chancery Hotel
? The Richmond Hotel
? Ballal Residency Hotel
? Kamat Yatri Niwas
? The Club
? Hotel Ajantha
? The Park Kensington Terrace
Tourist Information Centers
Tourist Information Centres can be found all over the city. Some of the more popular ones are listed below:

Government of India Tourist Office K.F.C. Building, 48 Church Street, Bangalore. Telephone: +(91)-080- 5585417
Government of Karnataka Tourist Information Counter Bangalore City Railway Station, Bangalore. Telephone: +(91)-080- 2870068.
Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation (KSTDC) Airport, Information Counter, Bangalore. Telephone: +(91)-080-5268012
Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation (KSTDC) Information Counter, Badami House, N.R Square, Bangalore. Telephone: +(91)-080-2275883 or 2275869
Department of Tourism 1st floor, 'F' Block Cauvery Bhawan, KG Road, Bangalore. Telephone: +(91)-080- 2215489
Yugadi (March or April) The Kannadiga new year day of Yugadi that falls on the second half of March or early April is celebrated with devotion and delight.

Karaga (March or April) is celebrated with great pomp and ceremony at the Dharmaraya Temple. The Karaga, an earthen pot that stands for the goddess Shakti, is taken out in a procession at night. The pot is immersed in the Sampangi Tank, which is 20 km from the city of Bangalore. (The sakti is worshipped as Draupadi, the daughter of Fire). To test their strength of character, devotees balance pots on their heads. In the main temple procession, held on a full-moon night, a priest dressed as a woman also carries a pot on his head. The procession includes a number of flower covered floats or carts and is certainly worth a photo.

Dussehra (September-October) The pride of Karnataka's festivals is Dussehra and lasts for ten days. The rulers of Vijayanagara Empire used to celebrate Dussehra with remarkable brilliance and the rulers of Mysore continued the tradition. It is a unique and significant festival of the Hindus.

Kadalekeya Parishe (November or December) also known as the Groundnut Fair is held once a year at the Bull Temple. This festival is held by the local farmers to show their gratitude to the Nandi bull for staying away from their groundnut production, many years ago. A colourful festival including a ground nut competition it is worth seeing if you are in the area at the time.

National Festivals and Holidays Bangalore also celebrates the national festivals of Independence Day, the Republic Day and Gandhi's Birthday. Religious festivals like Makara Samkramana, Sri Ramanavami, Janmashtami, Ganesh Chaturthi, Deepavali, Christmas, Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul-Adha etc. are also celebrated and can prove exciting.
You have so many options particularly if you are looking for silk .A wide range of silk is available at Karnataka Silk Industries Corporation and Vijayalakshmi Silk Kendras ,both are located on Gupte Market ,Kempe Gowda Road .Bangalore is a good place to shop silk,sandalwood and rosewood items and Lambani tribal jewellerry .These are available in Central Cottage Industries Emporium ,144 M G Road .Cottage Industries Exposition Ltd ,3 Cunningham Road ,Gulshan Crafts ,12 Safina Plaza ,Infantry Road and Cauvery at the M G Road and Brigade Road Crossing may be also tried for these .There are number of shops around M G Road selling cheap new release CDs and tapes of western and hindi music .For silver ,Commercial Street and K R Market on Residency Road ,Jewel Paragon between M G Road and Kasturba Road are preferred .Antique and beautifully made reproduction sculpture ,furniture and paintings are available at 64 M G Road in Natesan's Antiqarts .Bangalore is a good place to purchase books too .For books,first floor of Gangaram's,72 M G Road ,Higginbothams ,68 M G Road ,L B Publishers 91 M G Road ,Premier 46/1 Church street are preferred .Agarbathi is famous prouct of Bangalore .
Nandi Hill

Situated at a distance of about 60 kilometres from the city, Nandi Hill is a picturesque spot to visit. It is a popular health resort for the people of the southern plains of India, especially during summers. The shimmering lake and the green valley is a treat to the eyes. This popular summer retreat is located at an altitude of about 1,615 m above sea level.


The word Mekadatu literally means goat's leap in the local language. The name of the place has an interesting legend related to it. According to the legend, the holy river Arakavathi flows into a ravine narrow enough for a goat to leap across. Hence the name Mekadatu. The river Arakavathi flows through a deep gorge only to make the confluence with the river Cauvery where you can also visit the Hindu temple of Lord Sangameshwara.

Big Banyan Tree

As if the list above is not enough, Mother Nature seems to have bestowed all her love to this garden city of Bangalore. This is especially felt when you see the gigantic banyan tree spread over almost three acres of land. It is situated at a distance of about 28 kilometres west of Bangalore at Ramohalli. You must not miss a visit to this place to have a look at the tree.

Banerghatta National Park

Another natural retreat to visit in Bangalore is the Banerghatta National Park. Situated at a distance of approximately 11 kilometres from Bangalore, the park houses some of the exotic species of flora and fauna. If interested, you can also explore the nearby temples here. The Banerghatta National Park is also a birdwatcher's paradise for it has more than a thousand species of birds in it.
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