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Country : India State : West Bengal City : Kolkata         Dhakuria Lake         
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Some boys are swimming in Rabindra Sarobar or Dhakuria Lake
Aparna Sarkar
    1:01   30-Mar-2014

Rabindra Sarobar,known as Dhakuria Lake,W.B. ,India
Kakoli Mukherjee
    56 sec   03-Jul-2014

Overview of Rabindra Sarobar popularly known as Dhakuria Lake
Aparna Sarkar
    2:07   30-Mar-2014

Overview of Rabindra Sarobar popularly known as Dhakuria Lake
Aparna Sarkar
    1:04   30-Mar-2014

Location train at the Dhakuria Lake
Banik Angelika
    1:03   07-Jan-2014

Dhakuria Lake, Kolkata, 25 Aug 2013
Smaran Choudhury
    2:27   25-Aug-2013

Rabindra Sarobar | Dhakuria Lake – Natural Paradise in South Kolkata
Life Breezy
    6:26   01-Mar-2015

Natural Beauty of Rabindra Sarobar Artificial Lake,Kolkata,West Bengal
Manoj Khatua
    12:46   01-Feb-2014

Bengali college girl Sima sitting closely with her friend & enjoy lake view Rabindra sarobar Lake
Swarup Das
    2:24   02-Mar-2014

Beauty of Rabindra Sarobar Lake,Kolkata
Kakoli Mukherjee
    47 sec   22-Jun-2014

Bengali 16 YEAR SCHOOL GIRL sitting with her friend CLOSELY beside lake in kolkata
Swarup Das
    43 sec   02-Mar-2014

Bengali college girl enjoy with her friend sitting beside road of Rabindra Sarobor kolkata
Swarup Das
    1:12   02-Mar-2014

A moving Tea & coffee stall..a man selling Tea in evening beside Rabindra Sarobar lake kolkata
Swarup Das
    1:00   02-Mar-2014

A Bird is resting in a tree at Rabindra Sarobar known as Dhakuria Lake
Aparna Sarkar
    43 sec   30-Mar-2014

Repairing work of Dhakuria bridge still pending
    2:27   14-Jul-2013

Lake Park Calcutta Kolkata West Bengal Indiavideo
    50 sec   11-Nov-2009

Kids Swimming at Lake Wedowee May 2011
Christi Legg
    12:03   13-May-2011

Bengali teen GIRL RESMI gossiping WITH HER friend in Salt Lake Central Park
Swarup Das
    1:20   17-Feb-2014

Rabindra Sarobar Lake-Beautiful Green View in Kolkata
Prabir Bhattacharya
    1:39   21-May-2014

The Art of Living Yogathon Kolkata Rabindra Sarobar Lake 2012 part1
subhra ray
    8:20   18-Apr-2012

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