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Country : India State : Uttarakhand City : Haridwar         Har-Ki-Pauri         
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Places Within Haridwar
Bara Bazaar Bhimgoda Kund Canal Centenary Bridge Chandi Devi Chila Wildlife Sanctuary Daksha Mahadev Temple And Sati Kund
Har-Ki-Pauri Manasadevi Temple Parmarth Ashram Pawan Dham
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18-Dec-2011 Anil Arora Near the GOD Har ki pauri is the place, where your inner self can feel the presence of God.
27-Mar-2010 Sachin Nagpal Shri Haridwar This is a place where one can feel the warmth emotions, dedication, devotion, affection & love towar
29-Jun-2008 dalip singh wasan Troubles we faced at Hridwar and Rishkesh. 1. There is no seating arrangement for the visitors. 2. There is no shelter provided to the visito
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