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Country : India State : Kerala         Kasargod               
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Bekal Beach Bekal Fort
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06-Sep-2013 I born and belo... I born and belong to Trikkannad and I would like to inform you that according to my knowledge name
09-Jan-2011 Capt.Trikannad Rajkumar. Kottikulam-Trikannad Shiva Kshetram I am a Retd Mariner -settled ashore in Chennai since 1975 and now work part time; spend time in writ
24-Nov-2009 Suraj Mukundan Kottikulam I am really enjoy with my kottikulam. Because we have a very famouse shiva temple is there called Tr
26-Oct-2009 Mohamed Kunhi Faizeenas The land of many languages,diversified cultures Kasargod is a picturistic little town with its scenic beauty lying in the northern part of Kerala st
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