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Country : India State : Orissa         Kendrapara               
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Places Within Kendrapara
Bhitarkanika National Park
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26-Nov-2010 Biswabhusan Satapathy KENDRAPARA IS MY BEST DIST
26-Nov-2010 Biswabhusan Satapathy SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR
12-Feb-2009 sangram mahakul A very good district in orissa i resides in kendrapara since 23 years is very calm place for life. well educated resides here,
13-Jan-2009 SUSANTA PRADHAN About My Home(Kendrapara) The great Baladevjew Temple is located in Kendrapara. A Car Festival is held in the month of July. T
09-Jun-2005 Bichitra Kumar Nayak My District Yes Kendra para is My District,Kendrapara is a good district out of orissa, The people has been leav
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