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Tezpur is a city and a municipal board in Sonitpur in the Indian state of Assam. It is an ancient City on the banks of the river Brahmaputra and is the largest of the north bank towns. It is also the administrative headquarters of the Sonitpur district of Assam. The name Tezpur is derived from the Sanskrit words 'Teza' (meaning blood) and 'Pura' (meaning town or city). Legend has it that the original name of this place was 'Sonitpur' ("sonit" in Sanskrit also means blood!) but when the battle between Krishna's army and Banasura's army fought for the rescue of Aniruddha (who was the grandson of Lord Krishna, according to legend) there was so much bloodshed that the whole place was stained in red. This led to the name of the place becoming Tezpur. Historical ruins of 8th-9th century dot the surrounding areas of the town. The ruins of Bamuni Hills among them are the most famous. They bear resemblance to the Gupta period art. Accordingly there are plenty of myths as well. The ruins of Da...      Read more at wikipedia...
Tezpur, the cultural capital of the state, is home to the three doyens of Assamese culture ?? Rupkonwar Jyoti Prasad Agarwala,Kalaguru Bishnu Prasad Rava and Nata Surya Phani Sharma . In this year of the birth centenary of Jyoti Prasad Agarwala , his ancestral home in Tezpur , ?POKI' has been renovated and houses a collection of Rupkonwar's memorabilia. During the freedom struggle Mahatma Gandhi and many other national leaders stayed at Poki.
Facts At A Glance
STD Code 03712
Airport Code TEZ
Surrounded by the blue hills of Arunachal Pradesh and the snow capped mountains of the Himalayas forming a wonderful backdrop, Tezpur is set amidst the lush green tea gardens of north east Assam. The pleasant town is culturally rich and historically precious too.
The name Tezpur literally means soaked with blood. The district name Sonitpur also means the same. Legend goes that in the ancient days there was a bloody battle fought between Hari and Hara that is Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva, during which the land of this place got soaked with blood. Since then it has been known as Sonitpur and the actual place is known as Tezpur. Surrounded by lakes and a picturesque environment, Tezpur has been a treasure house of Assam's cultural heritage. Many famous authors and social activist have been associated with Tezpur, including the Bard of Assam, Dr. Bhupen Hazarika.
Tezpur has played an equally important role in the Indian freedom struggle. It was here that the first tricolour was hoisted atop the British police station. The sacrifice of a young girl Kanaklata has become a topic of folklore today. Tezpur is known today for its University and students from all over north east come here for higher studies.
To the North East of Guwahati in the district of Sonitpur is the small district head of Tezpur. Sonitpur district is surrounded by the districts of Lakhimpur, Golaghat, Nagaon, Marigaon and Darrang and in the north it shares its borders with the state of Arunachal Pradesh.
Best time to visit
Best time to visit is November to April.
How To Get There
By Air

Tezpur has a small airport that receives flights from Jorhat, Kolkata and Guwahati. There are regular flights from Guwahati everyday and there are three flight every week to Kolkata and Jorhat. Indian Airlines is the main flight operator to Tezpur.

By Rail

Tezpur is an important railhead in Assam. You will get many trains from Guwahati which is the nearest station. The distance between the two cities is nearly 180 Km and it takes slightly less than 4 hrs to reach.

By Road

Tezpur is around 180 km from the capital city of Guwahati and there is frequent to and fro bus service from Guwahati. Both state run and private buses ply on the route. Good network connects it to other cities and towns as well.
Bhairabi Temple

Bhairabi Temple is among the oldest temples in Assam situated on the borders of Tezpur. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Durga. From the back side of the temple, one can see the famous Kolia Bhomora Setu. On the stones of the temple, you can see intricate carvings and images that date back to 9th century. You can buy ghee lamps, sweets and fruits and can offer it to the Goddess. The temple still carries out sacrificial offerings of goats and bulls regularly.


Agnigarh literally means 'residence amidst fire'. Agnigarh is a big fortress constructed on top of a hill on the banks of Brahmaputra. To reach the top of the hill there is a circular staircase that also is a good option for trekking. On your way to the top of the hillock, you will see lot of images relating to the legend behind the construction of the fort. It is said that the fort was build by King Bana to keep her daughter away from her lover, Anirudha who was the grandson of Lord Krishna. The fort was surrounded by fire on all times which prevented anyone to come in or go out without permission. They were later saved by Lord Krishna himself. The fort is a great place to get some mesmerizing views of the surrounding low lying areas.

Cole Park

Situated in the center of the Tezpur, Cole Park is among the most visited attraction in the city. The parks is an an exceptionally picturesque spot that sees tourists almost on all days, but the number jumps up when it hosts a painting exhibition. It has been a venue for such exhibition since long. The park is also called as Chitralekha Udyan and is famous for Bhomaraguri inscription which is the ancient plan for building a bridge across River Brahmaputra. Apart from that you can also indulge in boating in a small lake in front of the park.

Ketakeshwar Dewal

Ketakeshwar Dewal is one of the most important Hindu shrines in Tezpur. The shrine is dedicated to Lord Shiva is said to have one of the biggest Shivalingam in the world. There are actually two parts to the temple, one where which is said to be the original place of the Shivalingam and another where the Shivalingam is located presently. Legend has it that the Shivalingam shifted its position during an earthquake. The temple is regularly visited by pilgrims from all parts of Assam, so it is well connected by road.
Historical ruins of 8th-9th century dot the surrounding areas of the town. The ruins of Bamuni Hills among them are the most famous. They bear resemblance to the Gupta period art. Accordingly there are plenty of myths as well. The ruins of Da Parbatia is a shining example of the architecture around the 4th Century AD. Modern Tezpur was founded by the British colonial administration in 1835 as the headquarters of Darrang district.

During WW2, Tezpur received large numbers of refugees fleeing from Burma, particularly the corps of Anglo-Burmese and Anglo-Indian nurses. After independence of India in 1947, it remained the headquarters of Darrang district. During the Sino-Indian War of 1962 the Chinese army came close to the town and the town had to be evacuated. In 1983 a part of the district was carved out to form a separate district, named Darrang. Tezpur became the headquarters of the new district of Sonitpur.

Tezpur Balipara Light Railway !!!!! The existing MG rail line is actually the oldest on the North Bank, descending from the Tezpur Balipara Light Railway built in 1885 to carry tea from upcountry estates to the then riverport of Tezpur

ROCK INCRIPTIONS :: 829 AD Pre-British Era : Sir Edward A. Gait ( 1897) had made reference to the nine line inscription of Harjjar Varma in his ?'A History of Assam''. The inscription is the first recorded history of Assam and dates back to 829 A.D. The inscription was found engraved on a massive stone some two km away from Tezpur town situated near a temple called Rudrapad.

HAZARA PUKHURI :: 70 ACRES The famous King of the dynasty Harjjar Varma, had excavated a large pond in 70 acres of land, later came to be known as Hajara Pukhuri.

KANAKLATA & OTHERS On 10th September 1942, at Gohpur a young girl led a procession of unarmed villagers under Congress flag. She was Kanaklata Barua ? a girl from Barangabari village. As soon as Kanaklata unfurled the flag she and her companion Mukunda Kakati were gunned down by the armed Police. The saga of her heroic sacrifice is still remembered with pride.

On the same day at Dhekiajuli Police Station eleven unarmed villagers were gunned down by the armed Police while trying to hoist the tri- color at the Police Station - three of them were teen-aged girls- Tileswari, Numali and Khahuli .
Getting Around
Buses are the main mode of transportation inside the city. Though the most comfortable way of commuting is by hiring a taxi. You will also find auto rickshaws and cycle rickshaws inside the city.
Places To Stay
Tezpur has got some nice hotels that are good enough to cater to all your basic needs. There are hotels that provides accommodation to all kinds of travelers. Hotels ranging from star category loaded with all modern facilities to budget lodges that cater to the basic needs with reasonable price. Hotels that stand out from the rest of the crowd are Hotel Sangam, Hotel Jenneys Residency, Hotel Aristo and Hotel Chitra.
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