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Country : India State : Maharashtra         Yavatmal               
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03-Jun-2012 adv.pankaj GOOD CITY My best friend adv malkhede s lives in yavatmal so thats why yavatmal is really good city
03-Jun-2012 adv.pankaj best place my best friend stay in yavatmal so thats why yavatmal is d best place . and most important is my be
21-Nov-2011 Dhananjay .A.wankhede Shive Tempal Yavatmal city is popular kapas. Here shiv Tempal popular in chausala.Shivratri of days very bhid.ya
15-Sep-2011 gaju p khandare yavatmal is gala days yavatmal is gala days but digras is beg market of cooten bhavani temapal is most papulare
21-Jul-2011 Riyaj Tawwar Great Yavatmal My birthplace is Ghatanji dist. Yavatmal.. Yavatmal is great city. I like Yavatmal.
16-Jan-2011 sunil arsul now and back i think the culture in last 10 to 15 years changes very fast that time toxication ratio was not that
11-Dec-2010 Dinesh Vaidya my yavatmal-lovely yavatmal yavatmal is my birth place, this is very good town to settle. people of yavatmal are peace loving wi
27-Feb-2010 adv.jaisingh chawhan traditional town I am born in this city. This is a very tradional town with loving people.All the festivals are celeb
19-Jan-2010 anand dhote yavatmal a traditional city is yavatmal it was clam & cool city but now days it get violent dont know what wa
03-Nov-2009 Pankaj sweet city like me here the people's are honest as well as hard worker. but i most like a here a city bus stop,beacous
07-Oct-2009 it was a cool p... it was a cool place earlier .now it has become hopeless
28-Oct-2008 Shubham sweet yavatmal
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