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Historic Journey to India
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About Historic Journey to India :

Historic Journey is a leading travel planner in India handling all Inbound and domestic market. Company is offering the exotic tour destinations and the exclusive tour packages.

Planning a vacation is more than just visiting a place. It is an experience taking in the sights and sounds, the culture, savouring the cuisine and even more, the hospitality of the people, capturing special moments and cherishing them for a long time to come.
At Historic Journey we understand this completely. This is the reason all our tour packages, itineraries gives you the real experience of the India.

Historic Journey has a team of 25 travel experts and every individual has excellent knowledge of India. So we promise you that we will offer you the best of best and show you the real India.
Unlike many tour operators our motto is: "If we don't know it we don't sell it." This means that we spend a lot of time on the road exploring new destinations, one of the pleasures of our work! It also means that you will not find yourself faced with a reality that does not meet the description you see on paper.

Historic Journey Expertise:

1. Leisure and Inbound Tour Operations
Having good experience and having excellent contacts with domestic service providers we are superbly equipped to offer group travel programs that accommodate the most out-of-the ordinary interest, wishes or needs. Intimate knowledge of India as a destination makes professional team of Historic Journey to suggest and make an offer on customize holiday vacations for individual travelers.
The INDIAN–heritage, ancient civilization, diverse cultures, vibrant people, colorful clothes, different languages and dialects, palaces, forts, temples, miles of sandy palm fringed beaches, green lagoons and backwaters, flora and fauna of the dense jungles, the Great Himalayas : India offers a destination for every traveler. A land that touches you with the bygone era indulges in the present and tugs your soul through Yoga and Meditation.

2. Royal Train Tours
• Palace On Wheels
• Heritage on Wheels

3. Special Interest and Event Tours
These tours have been designed to suit the interest of a particular group. It is only in the Indian subcontinent that one can find a tour to suit the wishes and fantasies of every one. The choice is unlimited, the offers in-exhaustive. If you think it is not possible to organize your kind of a tour, be ready for a pleasant surprise.

4. Wildlife Tours

For any further information and assistance you can directly email us at or
Tours for Historic Journey to India
Tour Image Tour Name Starting Price Tour Offered By Tour Type Cities Covered Number of Days Last Updated # Of Times Viewed
Colours of Rajasthan Historic Journey to India Forts/Palaces Delhi / Mandawa / Bikaner / Jaisalmer / Jodhpur / Udaipur / Jaipur / Agra / Delhi. 15 days 30-Sep-2009 1036
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