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Contact Name Stany Wangchuk
Contact Address H 5 Kailash Colony
Contact Phone No. 91-11-51634118
Contact Fax No. 91-11-51634118
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About Us
Ours is an organization brought into existence in the year 1996 by a group of young but professional entrepreneurs from Ladakh. Wisdom Adventures created a platform for the curious travelers who are enchanted by the sheer attraction of mighty Himalayas.

Wisdom extends their services to introduce them with the vast geography, beautiful people, the rich culture and age old traditions of the Himalayas, thus creating a positive image about India?s unity and its diversity.

Wisdom Adventures is dedicated in promoting Environmental-friendly tours specializing in organized package tours for individuals and mass complimented with its quality & quantity travel related services.

The aspect of ?cultural fusion? by rich interaction between the local inhabitants & visitors has been the prime motto & consideration of ?Wisdom Adventures?.

Being Ladakhi, Our in-depth understanding of its people and customs of the region help us to formulate tours and treks that is positively sensitive to the area and its people.

Thus the traveler can return home enriched by the experiences that go beyond those of the ordinary tourist, which is the reward for our services.
Dear friends in Adventures!

This is our first presence on the World Wide Web but ofcourse not in the trade.

We feel proud to be in the family of Adventure lovers and share our experience with you all. All our tour itineraries are specially formulated after observing many facts and interest of the travelers and the uniqueness of the region.

Many tour operators sells tours that are too much of a schedule, visiting in haste; one destination to the other, click! click! click! End of the tour?

Our core motto at Wisdom Adventure is ?Meet and Share?. Our experience in the field and the region for the last 17 years compels us to give the best of the region to our valued client.

One of the famous Guru quotes: ?When you are in Delhi your mind is in Agra, when you reach Agra you are busy planning and thinking of Jaipur and when you reach Jaipur you are worried and planning of your next destination; Goa?You were never there where you have been because your mind was never there?and at the end of the tour, all you have is a load of photographs, and through them you try to memories your presence there?.?

We say?Just be there?, feel and interact and leave your footprints on the sands of time?

Interaction is must! May it be with people, nature or your inner-self?

In our tours your first interaction starts from Delhi international airport where you will be met by our airport representative staff who expertise and knows Delhi in and out. All our tour guides are native from the region itself, they are young but serious on their job and we are sure that you will never feel bore with them. They will take you to the villages, houses, deep in mountains, no-man?s-lands and will introduce you to local fames, head of the village, princes, Kings, nomads, living oracles and high lamas.

It is normal when our tour guides will suddenly change the itinerary route if he/she finds there is a marriage or local archery or even a funeral is going on?. don?t be surprise if you find yourself in the middle of one such activity enjoying/experiencing and participating ?just handover your camera to our guide and ?Just be there? he will do the clicks!

We are not a mega big tour operator but we are dedicated and efficient. Because of our limited clientage we are able to give more details to our clients itinerary with much of a personalized services.

Today our network expends from Ladakh, Himachal, Sikkim, Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, Uttranchal, South of India. Of which our Delhi office being the nuclei of communication and coordination of all the tours.

At last we would like to thank all our valued clients from all over the world that we served and their lovely letters which we get time to time, encouraging us to traverse through the unknowns and the mystery of mother Earth. We are just the road that you walk-upon, experience is unique and yours!

Yours in Adventures,

Stany Wangchuk
Tours for Online Tour Operators
Tour Image Tour Name Starting Price Tour Offered By Tour Type Cities Covered Number of Days Last Updated # Of Times Viewed
Darcha Lamayuru Trek,Lamayuru Trek,Trekking in Ladakh Rs.4000 Online Tour Operators Adventure/Trek Delhi - Leh - Ladakh 29 days 25-May-2005 1609
Ladakh Cultural Tours,Cultural Tour Ladakh,Ladakh Tours,LAdakh Travel Package Rs.4000 Online Tour Operators Cultural Delhi _Ladakh 8 days 25-May-2005 911
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