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Trafford Tours And Travel
Contact Information
Contact Address Trafford Tours & Travels
70, Lower Ground Floor, World Trade Center
Barakhamba Lane, New Delhi - 110001 [INDIA]
Contact Phone No. 3414747 / 3413123 / 3413125 /3413127
Contact Fax No. 3413121
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Company Profile
The Origin
The origin of Trafford was not overnight, it was the outcome of deep thought/vision applied by the think tank of Trafford Tradco Pvt Ltd. Rahul an ambitious and a widely traveled man was fascinated a lot with complexity and vivacity of Travel trade, he was on the lookout to diversify from the existing business of exports, and SWOT analysis of his and Trafford Tradco, was enough for him to reach to conclusion to start this new venture in 1993. Since its inception in 1993 Trafford Tours & Travels has traversed on the path of promoting tourism in India and is now known throughout the world as a reliable and efficient travel house with reputation for its integrity and efficient services.
The Motives
India is a land of diversity. Despite it's sheer sub continental size and Transcontinental culture full of the "rich cultural heritage and amazing diversity" it boast of, the Indian subcontinent fails to snare 0.4 % of the annual tourist traffic around the globe.
Tourism is a great socio - economic force, as per forecast of WTO (World Tourism Organization) of 637 million tourists around the globe will spend US$ 350 billion at the turning of the century. On the current trends despite expected growth, India was not in the position to enhance to it's then current share, courtesy lacklusture approach to Tourism. There were not enough people, to enter into this venture, and most of them were shy of entering into such a business.
Mother India gave birth to Buddhism, but the Southeast Asia is now "The stupafying" circuit, and the birthplace of Buddha, immaterial. What have they got that we don't have' East Asia and the Pacific belt form the fastest-expanding tourism belt in the world ' with an annual growth rate of 9.3 % - and Thailand is a Hindu kingdom by all its appearances on the cable network, France is drawing 61 million, North America 46 million and Spain 41 million, Italy and Hungary loom up next as popular pilgrim destinations, followed by UK, Austria, China, Mexico, Germany and INDIA '''
The world's truly turning into a global village now, but what does one do if one can't move around with ease, luxury and economy, from Point A to Point C, and a little further down the off- beaten track in the country of glorious past and one's own country.
All above and a grit to promote country and unwrap the glorious Touristic potential, were more than enough reasons and motives for the think tank of Trafford to usher into this new venture and test the waters in this exciting and fabulous world of Tourism. A new challenge, and naturally a cause for the nation. Trafford decided and thought that it's time we shifted our attention from promoting India as nothing more to offer except its vast history, culture and religious heritage and move towards newer horizons of tourism i. e. towards Adventure / Nature / Yoga / Rejuvenation and much more.
Tours for Trafford Tours And Travel
Tour Image Tour Name Starting Price Tour Offered By Tour Type Cities Covered Number of Days Last Updated # Of Times Viewed
Yoga & Meditation Trafford Tours And Travel Medicinal 15 days 04-Apr-2003 1360
Services Offered
Company is primarily an Inbound Tours company and is involved in promoting Indian Tourism globally. To maintain a high profile service and efficiency the inbound tours department, we have divided this department further.
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